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  • Internship in Kansas City


    Professional experiences with Kansas City employers.
  • Student Internships in Kansas City


    Professional experiences with Kansas City employers.
  • Internship in Kansas City


    Professional experiences with Kansas City employers.

Northland Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS)

Internship in Kansas City
Internship Program

Professional Experiences for Students

Northland Center for Advanced Professional Studies (Northland CAPS) is the premier provider of professional, innovative educational experiences for students in the Northland region of Kansas City. With classes housed in several business locations throughout Clay and Platte counties, high school juniors and seniors from participating districts are provided a fully immersive educational experience in high-demand, high-skill careers that will rapidly accelerate students down their chosen career path.
Student Internship Program for Businesses

Become a Business Partner

A company can become a business partners through many different avenues. Becoming a guest speaker, facilitating a project, hosting a site visit, being a mentor or even hosting an unpaid internship.

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you and discuss how we may partner with your company. Just complete our online form if you would like to offer your services to our program or brainstorm on a project with our students. 

    Internship Program in Kansas City
    Internship Program in Kansas City
    Internship Program

    High School Internships and Mentor Programs

    Northland CAPS is a full-year program. During the fall semester, student associates work on reverse-pitched client projects for local business partners that add meaningful value to companies and our local economy. Student associates learn standard business software and technical skills and work regularly with mentors from industry. Early career professional skills like project management, creativity and critical thinking, business ethics, teamwork and time management are instructed, role modeled and measured.
    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Common Questions

    What is the key difference between Northland CAPS and regular high school?

    Our student associates attend class inside local business partner sites for 2.5 hours per day, five days per week, and we are setup to mimic the work environment. Rather than having every minute of their day scheduled out and dictated, student associates schedule their own tasks and meetings, and they must figure out how to learn important information and skills as needed to tackle projects and prepare for internships.

    During the fall semester, we focus primarily on…

    • developing professional skills, such as how to successfully network with industry professionals or how to nail an interview.
    • self-discovery and career exploration, from job shadowing industry professionals at their site to completing actual projects for local businesses.
    • learning technical skills specific to a career of interest (e.g., CAD modeling software or how to read vital signs in a medical setting).
    • connecting to local businesses and business leaders to develop relationships that can lead to future employment opportunities.

    During the spring semester, student associates complete an approximately 150-hour internship in a career field of interest with one of numerous business partners.

    Is Northland CAPS a trade school or vocational program?

    Northland CAPS is geared towards developing professional skills and career exploration, and we do this by immersing students into the business setting on a regular basis. Students interested in focusing on learning a skilled trade should instead apply to one of the region’s career centers.

    What type of credit is offered for Northland CAPS courses?

    Student associates earn high school credit for successfully completing Northland CAPS; the amount and type of credit is determined by the sending high school. Please ask your school counselor for details.

    Student associates also have the option to earn dual credit through one of our post-secondary education partners. The amount and type of credit depends on the strand in which the associate is enrolled. Please call the Northland CAPS office (816)977-8111 for details.

    How does Northland CAPS fit into my normal school day?

    Northland CAPS courses run from either 7:30-10:00 AM or 12:00-2:30 PM. The typical student associate will spend half of their school day with us and the other half of their day taking classes at their high school. Student associates are asked for their time preference (morning or afternoon) on the NCAPS application, and we work with high school counselors to ensure that the program fits into their school schedule.

    What courses do you offer?

    We offer courses – called strands - that align with the most in-demand career fields in the Kansas City area; please see our Students & Parents page for more information about each strand.

    How much does it cost to be in Northland CAPS?

    Our participating school districts pay for their students’ tuition costs, which means Northland CAPS is free for students and their families. However, you must live within the public-school boundaries of one of our participating districts to join:

    • Excelsior Springs
    • Kearney
    • Lathrop
    • Lawson
    • Liberty
    • North Kansas City
    • North Platte
    • Park Hill
    • Platte County
    • Smithville
    Is transportation included?

    Northland CAPS student associates must provide their own transportation, though many student associates will carpool or get rides with family members. Please speak with your school counselor if you want to participate in Northland CAPS, but transportation is going to be a barrier.

    Where is the Northland CAPS building?

    Northland CAPS is hosted in several business partner sites throughout Clay and Platte Counties; we do not have a “building” like a typical school does. One benefit of this approach is that our student associates are constantly surrounded by industry professionals. Please see the About Us page for more information on strands and their respective locations.

    What do colleges and universities think of CAPS?

    Since its beginning in 2013, Northland CAPS has quickly become recognized as a wildly successful career preparatory program. Our student associates consistently earn college scholarships and entry into premiere college programs thanks to polished resumes, impressive portfolios, and fantastic interviewing skills developed while they were with us.

    What is the dress code?

    We abide to a business casual dress code for all student associates during the fall semester.

    Stay Connected.

    Are you an Alumni of the Northland CAPS program? If so, please stay connected by following our Facebook Page. We would love to receive your insight and tips in navigating the steps along your career path.

    If your employer would also enjoy supporting our mission with site tours or internships, please complete our online form and include your name as the “referrer”.

    Internships in Kansas City
    Internships in Kansas City
    Kansas City Internships