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Employer Internship Program

Become a Business Partner

A company can become a business partners through many different avenues. Becoming a guest speaker, facilitating a project, hosting a site visit, being a mentor or even hosting an unpaid internship.

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you and discuss how we may partner with your company. Just complete the form below to brainstorm on a partnership opportunity.


    The curriculum for the fall semester of Northland CAPS is facilitated by our instructors through relevant problem-based projects provided by business partners.  This provides our student associates with relevant industry experience while immersed in a professional environment every day in this profession-based learning approach.

    Here are some sample projects that have been done by our student associates.

      • Partnered with the YMCA of Greater Kansas City to address food insecurity and create better access to healthy options and meals by developing a site plan and 3d layout for a greenhouse, community garden, walking trail and landscape.

    • Collaboration with the KCATA to develop and implement a survey on ridership for the public bus service. Student associates conducted the survey, presented the findings and proposed suggestions on how to make ridership a better experience.

    • Partnership with UGA Finance to help their security team evaluate and recommend updates for protocols. Our student associates made recommendations on physical and electronic security after evaluating the current operations. Security tests were created for the employees to demonstrate competencies in order to keep their clients financial data safe.

    • Collaboration with Autism Works to create a promotional video as well as capturing live event photo content for the organization.

    • Partnered with NKC Hospital and Tri-County Mental Health to study opioid addiction in the area. Through this work our student associates developed a plan to educate recipients of Narcan kits of the risk factors, signs and response for overdose patients.

    If you are interested in providing real world projects for our students please fill out the project form. 


    The intent of the Northland CAPS program is to provide students with the opportunity to gain authentic, hands-on work experience in professional work environments that relate to their academic and career interest, and prepare them for future jobs. The program is also designed to have employers an opportunity to guide and evaluate future talent.

    There are many benefits to working in an internship. According to and, seven out of ten internships turn into full-time jobs with the company where students interned. 

    Interns can:

    • Build a pipeline of candidates, decreasing recruitment costs 
    • Act as advocates in recruiting other high school and college students 
    • Offer new perspectives and innovative ideas 
    • Assist employees with new technology 
    • Assimilate rapidly to part-time or full-time position

    Internships are offered during our class time either 7:30 am - 10:00 am or 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm - 4 days each week (Tuesday - Friday).  These are unpaid positions, student associates are receiving high school and college credit while they are with companies during the spring.

    Each year over 40% of these unpaid opportunities are converted to paid positions with companies.  A powerful workforce development tool for any company.

    If you are interested in hosting an unpaid internship, please complete the website form. 

    If you have questions, please contact us for more information. 

    Guest Speakers/Mentors

    Guest Speakers
    Professional guests are an integral part of the Northland CAPS program.  Classroom instruction will be project-based with minimal lectures and textbook use.  Therefore, input and involvement from industry professionals is key to success.

    Research shows that mentors have much to gain from a mentoring relationship.  Mentoring provides the opportunity to acquire a fresh perspective on professional issues or person issues such as balancing work and life outside of work.  As much or as little time as you are able to give is appreciated.  A minimum of one email correspondence each week is the guideline for time commitment.

    If you are interested in being a Guest Speaker or a Mentor in our program contact us.

    Host a Site Visit

    Our business partners can provide a site visit with a large group or a handful of students studying your career channel or industry. 


    • Holland 1916

      - Mike Stradinger, CEO

      As an employer, it is exciting to see the collaborative spirit with which these school districts have partnered with each other and those in the business community to change to status quo. Holland 1916 is proud to affiliate with the Northland CAPS program and be part of this innovative solution.

    • Tradition Home Group, LLC

      - Jordan Nance

      I am learning about real estate, photography and the home buying and selling process in general. This experience has made me so excited to learn all aspects of real estate and how technology plays a huge role in that career. This opportunity will prepare me for life after high school and college, learning the business of real estate. Making and building long lasting relationships with clients; so that they will come back to you when they need to move and use your services time and time again. Also, good relations with clients can lead to them recommending you to their friends as well. I think it’s very important to learn these skills because the more people you know the better.

    • Pleasant Valley Baptist Church

      - Kyle Ritterbush

      I am an associates in the Digital Media and Design strand. I am currently in an an internship at my church, Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, located in Liberty, Missouri. I have been given an amazing opportunity to practice video editing skills while serving in my community. I’ve mainly used Premier Pro, but this gave me a great opportunity to explore After Effects, something I’ve needed to learn more about. With this time, I’ve been able to create motion graphics, make informational videos, and create announcements!

      Because of this internship, I will be able to improve my skills as an editor, and have more value heading into the video industry. I’m truly thankful for this amazing opportunity.

    • Bricker & Associates- Keller Williams Northland

      - Agent

      Helping Interns who are interested in learning our business. This is a fast paced and very rewarding business, if you do the work. I enjoy having the interns in the office and teaching them all aspects of the Real Estate business. It is not all about selling a home, communication, contracts, advertising, and most of all building relationships. Bricker & Associates is lead by Shawnett Bricker and formed a group of agents that love our fine city and help keep "Moving Kansas City Forward"! We focus on technology, networking and building lasting relationships with our Clients! We work with Residential, Commercial, Multi-Family & Land.

    • Hiperion

      - Alex Ross

      Hiperion is located in Springfield Missouri, so with the ability of virtual internships this year, I interning with them online. so I intern online. Hiperion is a marketing and software development company; so the tasks I am given varies from day to day. This past week I have been given the chance to help the CEO of the company, Jace with his Spa marketing tutorials. I also have been working on Logos for a headstalls logo for a company called Wild Child Headstalls. I am using a lot of different software programs through my work with them such as: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier, Slack, Hubspot, and Github. I have had a
      great time working with the people at the company and it helps me better understand what I can look into in the future.

    • Pleasant Valley Church

      - Abby Overby

      I have begun audio production training, much of my training has been watching tutorials on-line to get familiar with the different tools on a sound board. For my first in-person training session, we went over what those were, how they work, when to use them, and what they sound like. This included gain, high pass filter, EQ, and a few more. A task that was completed was setting up a guitar meeting that I’ll be leading next week, and putting together a worship set for another church that Pleasant Valley works with.

    • Global FC

      – Rayan Al-Hamdi
      Global FC uses soccer as a vehicle for transformative impact, supporting under-served youth with the tools to overcome obstacles to success by providing resources, opportunities, and relationships towards a brighter future. The Global FC Education Program closes the opportunity gap for students by utilizing a holistic approach to learning, enriching the educational experience so students can achieve their highest potential. Rayan Al-Hamdi is a senior in high school interning with us. Born in Kansas City to Iraqi parents, he is grateful for the opportunity to work with an organization that truly understands the refugees' hardships and helps with every step of the acculturation process. He is excited to make a difference in students’ lives as he prepares to study pre-med in college. His internship with Global FC will give him vital real-world experience as he looks to one day become a therapist for teens who are dealing with anxiety, depression, and general mental disorders in hopes of finally showing mental disorders’ true nature to people who don’t understand them.
    • Flying Ketchup Press

      - Jordan Carr
      They are a publishing company that works with creating short story books as well as poem books. Flying Ketchup works to show people that anyone can have their work shown and that anyone can be a good author, even people who are young. Currently, I am the lead teen editor of a teen magazine by the name of “Moons are not Stars”, a name I came up with. I do multiple things for the book that include my artistic abilities and my author abilities. I have been creating art for the magazine, creating a story to fit with the magazine, formatting the book, helping my mentor Polly edit the covers of each issue as we are posting them as issues, brainstorm various ideas, put together the entire magazine, brainstorm ideas, and help other members of the group with their projects, minimal effort. Due to COVID problems and our families being at risk, I have been doing my internship at home. I have enjoyed being an intern at Flying Ketchup and it has been exceptionally fun. I have learned a lot already in the first few weeks of my internship. I have learned a huge amount of information on all of the tedious work that is involved with publishing books, and it is greatly appreciated. I have also learned how to take criticism better, which is something I need to work on greatly. Polly has been wonderful with communicating with me about what she wants for the book and art. She has brought up how people read drawings, which greatly helps me with my art as well as conveying the right scene. She is very kind about it too, as she explains why some things would be better and praises me when I make something that is very impacting for the story. Overall, the internship has been wonderful. There is a good amount of communication and I work wonderfully with my mentor Polly about things. She enjoys having me on her team and has constantly been impressed by the amount of work I have done for her.